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New, Improved Poly-Latex 60™ Natural Latex Mold Making Compound For Brush-On Molds

latex mold
Tony Lorino, Capitol Displays of Nashville, TN, uses Poly Latex 60™ molds to produce polyester and fiberglass copies of original sculpted models. Poly Latex 60 is the rubber of choice because of it's durability and ease of application. Being a single component material, Poly Latex 60™ is brushed on without the limitation of a pot life. Ten to twenty coats are applied, two per day, to build up proper mold thickness. Gauze is often incorporated into the latex to fend additional strength to large molds.

Lorino then builds a rigid polyester and fiberglass mold shell over the latex mold to maintain the shape of the mold during casting. Poly 15-6 and Poly Fiber, or Polygel Plastic-75 should also be considered for this application. The end result is a lightweight, high tear strength mold with good resistance to the swelling caused by polyester resin. Poly Latex 60™ molds allow Capitol Displays to produce detailed parts with undercuts that would be impossible with rigid molds.

latex rubber mold
A Poly Latex 60™ mold was made to reproduce this concrete angel. The mother mold (rigid shell) was made from Poly 15-6 Liquid Plastic thickened with Poly Fiber to make it brushable. The thin blanket mold could also have been made using Polygel® 35 or Polygel®40, high-performance two part brushable rubbers. Latex rubber is a one-part mold material, but 15-30 coats of rubber applied over several days are required to complete the mold. A Polygel® mold can be made in a matter of hours! This Angel blanket mold is a one-piece glove mold with no seams, whereas the rigid shell is made in several sections to accommodate numerous undercuts.


Poly Latex 60™ is a one-part, brush-on liquid with no mixing or weighing needed. Multiple coats and drying between each coat, is needed until mold is built up to 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch thick. This forms a tough rubber blanket mold, often used for casting plaster, concrete, and limited casting with some resins. Poly Latex 60™ has better tear strength than synthetic rubbers and is sometimes preferred for molds. This material can be peeled off the casting like a sock, making it easier to remove from highly detailed or delicate castings.

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Poly Latex 60 Rubber 2 Pounds $19.00
Poly Latex 60 Rubber 8 Pounds $37.00
Poly Latex 60 Rubber 40 Pounds $139.00
Poly Latex 60 Rubber 400 Pounds $1,135.00