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Bare-Metal welcomes you to short overview of our history.

Bare-Metal Foil was invented in 1970 by Eldred Mason because of his desire to have a more natural finish on his model aircraft. Since that time the Bare-Metal Foil Co. has been providing both amateur and expert hobbyists with outstanding hobby products. Bare-Metal Foil is the original detailing foil used to duplicate the chrome on model cars and natural metal on model aircraft. Bare-Metal is so thin that a modeler can cover rocker panels, keyholes, door handles, and nameplates on model cars and 100% of the detail will still show right through. On model aircraft Bare-Metal Foil can be used to cover the entire model, revealing every rivet and panel line. No other product can produce a more realistic appearance.

Over the last few years, the Bare-Metal Foil Co. has expanded its line to include a wider variety of specialty hobby products including decals, polyurethane casting resins, and mold making materials.

Silicone RTV rubber by Polytek has become one of our most popular product lines. Polytek offers a wide range of silicones ranging from very soft to very rigid. Polytek has an RTV for almost any application. Polytek's mold making compounds are designed for durability and provide the highest mold life at a competitive price. Polytek also has polyurethane and latex rubber. They also supply polyurethane and epoxy casting resins.

Rubber mold making compounds and casting resins by Synair are also very popular with both professional and amateur users. Synair's Por-A-Kast is some of the finest resin on the market. Casting with Por-A-Kast resin is easy and castings cure in about 5-7 minutes. Synair also has an outstanding line of polyurethane rubber called Por-A-Mold. Por-A-Mold comes in several durometer ranges from soft to hard.

Decals are another one of our more sought-after items. We produce the Experts-Choice decal line. Our decals are thoroughly researched for historical accuracy. We also offer Experts-Choice Decal Film. This material is the same film used by printers to produce commercial decals. Now you can print your own decals at home using your inkjet or color laser printer.

So if you are searching for materials that will help improve your craft, we are here to help you. Bare-Metal is a service-oriented company that is always looking for new ways to bring more products to the artist, hobbyist, and manufacturing customer.