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Mold Making Starter Kit

Our starter kit has everything you need to make your own molds and castings.

starter kit

We have assembled the Experts-Choice Mold Making and Resin Casting Starter Kit with the beginner in mind. If you have never made a mold or casting before, you can now get started with all the products you need in one convenient package.

The Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook is a very informative reference book. There are interesting hints and tips on mold making and casting all kinds of objects. The book is fully illustrated and each section is well explained and thought out. There are even instructions on how to build a vacuform machine.

The kit supplies you with enough mold material to make a good-sized mold or several small ones. Experts-Choice Mold Material LV is a fast curing 1:1 by volume soft rubber that is easy to mix and pour. Our molding compound is very low in viscosity so it will virtually de-air itself for a bubble free mold.

We also include 16 ounces of Por-A-Kast® resin. Por-A-Kast® is a 1:1 by volume casting resin that pours almost like water. Por-A-Kast® will pick up detail down to a fingerprint. This resin mixes easily and has a 1-½ minute pot life and a 5-7 minute cure time. Your castings can be de-molded in 10-15 minutes.

Also with the starter kit is one pound of Klean Klay, a non-hardening re-useable clay, stirring sticks, and mixing cups. We also provide you with our own instructions that will help you understand how each product works. And should you find yourself in need of any help, Bare-Metal is always happy to answer your mold making questions; just give us a call.

Starter Kit Includes

  • One pound of Experts-Choice Low Viscosity Mold Material
  • One 16 oz. Trial size kit of Por-A-Kast® polyurethane resin
  • One pound of Klean Klay re-usable non-drying clay
  • The Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook
  • Stirring sticks and Mixing cups
  • Complete instructions


This kit is a $64.40 value and sells for our

special price of only $59.95