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small trout water splashNew 9 hour DVD series
"Creating an Artificial Water Splash"

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Click here for Hyperlast® Polyurethane Casting Resin

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Experts-Choice® Decal Film

Click here to read about making concrete stamps using Polytek® 75-80 Polyurethane Rubber

coverPaasche Airbrush on Amazom
This wood case set is packed with the VL airbrush. All 3 head sizes are included. Also packed with (2) 1-ounce bottle assemblies, 6-foot braided hose, wrench, hanger and
Lessons book.

Specialty Items

Our line of products that are a little off the beaten path

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  1. Bare-Metal Plastic Polish

    Our plastic polish is perfect for restoring the surface of scratched plastic. To remove scratches from a canopy or car windshield use fine sandpaper to remove the deeper scratches. And then, use our polish to bring the plastic back to a high gloss finish.

    This polish is anti-static and works to repel lint. Also this polish does a great job on scratched CD’s or any other plastic that needs to be brought up to a high shine.

    002 PLASTIC POLISH    $2.75


    This handy tool has a little suction cup great for holding small parts while either painting or gluing them in place. This tool has a small handle that gives you a good grip while you are working on your hard to hold parts.

    020 PARTS PLACER    $2.98



    Our pressure sensitive adhesive will glue items in place with a small amount of pressure.

    Some suggested uses for this glue are landscaping items for dioramas, sticking paper materials in place, or adding extra tack to Bare-Metal Foil. The nice thing about this glue is that you can put it on a series of items, allow the glue to set, and then put them in place.


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