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How to Use Poly 74 and Poly 75

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Paper towels for wiping up are a must. Tools should be wiped clean before plastic or rubber is hard. Denatured ethyl alcohol, acetone, or MEK are good cleaning solvents, but are highly flammable. Work surfaces can be waxed or coated with Pol-Ease so hardened material can be removed.


Cab-O-Sil can be added to any of these products to thicken them to a brush consistency. Add Cab-O-Sil until desired thickness is obtained.


Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) label, and Technical Bulletin. All Polytek products can be used safely if simple precautions are taken as recommended in these sources of information which are provided with every product. All products should be used with good ventilation. Skin and eye contact, ingestion and breathing of dusts and vapors should be avoided.

Use necessary or recommended equipment such as gloves, dust masks, eye protection, closed shoes, adequate clothing and (rarely) respirators equipped with cartridges for organic vapors.

Follow directions. All too often, projects are spoiled because in enthusiasm for completing a project, important directions were not followed. Please read all instructions thoroughly and call if you have any questions, before starting your project.

Uncured Polytek compounds may cause skin or respiratory irritation or sensitization if improperly handled. Avoid skin and eye contact with uncured material. If skin contact occurs, remove with waterless hand cleaner or alcohol, then soap and water. In case of eye contamination, flood with plenty of water and call physician. Use only with adequate ventilation such as a large open room with air movement. If there is any doubt about adequacy of ventilation, a respirator with cartridges for organic vapors should be used. Polytek products are not to be used where food or prolonged body contact may occur.

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