Puma Polymers Por-A-Kast

<h1>POR-A-KAST MK II POLYURETHANE CASTING RESIN&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </h1> <p>Sadly, after over 15 years as a devoted dealer for this fine resin it appears that we have to say, goodbye. Puma Polymers has chosen to increase the cost of Por-A-Kast by around 30%. We feel that it is not fair to our customers to have such a dramatic price increase during the present economic circumstances.</p> <p>We are happy to be able to direct you to Polytek's EasyFlo 60 casting resin. This product is an outstanding resin that mixes the same as Por-A-Kast and has a 2 1/2 minute pot life. We were always glad to be able to provide our customers with two great choices. However, presently Puma Polymers has made an unrealistic choice to have their distributors package their products for them from 55 gallon drums.</p> <p>This is a process know as &amp;quot;down packing&amp;quot; and when done correctly it is not a bad practice. Our concern is that if too many people &amp;quot;down pack&amp;quot; Puma's products that there will be mistakes. We have always packaged smaller resin kits from larger ones because it gave us better control of our stock. However, we always have been careful to properly handle the resin and made sure you received material from new stock. We have done this type of packaging during the entire 15 years we have sold Por-A-Kast without ever having contamination issues.</p> <p>We are sorry if you are inconvenienced by this decision. This was a very difficult choice for us to make. Our goal is to provide you with excellent products at fair market prices. We are searching for a new product line to add to our inventory of casting resins and mold materials. We are leaving this page in place as a courtesy for those that expect it to be here, when they come in from links that are all over the internet.</p> <p>We still have some Por-A-Kast in stock. All of our 10 gallon kits are gone. However, we still have some smaller kits still in stock.</p> <p>Is a two-component rigid urethane elastomer measuring approximately 73 on the Shore D Hardness scale. Por-A-Kast resin is very hard, yet it has the strength typical of a more flexible material. This means that it can be trusted for thin parts and parts that may also require mechanical finishing. Por-A-Kast is fully machinable - it can be turned, drilled, ground and sanded. In its liquid state, Por-A-Kast resin pours like water so it will pick up the minutest detail, down to a fingerprint. The two-minute gel time of Por-A-Kast resin allows for rapid production turnover. Easily mixed, 1:1 by volume, Por-A-Kast resin can be painted, or filled with glass powder, bronze powder, marble dust, wood flour, and dry pigment to achieve a wide variety of weights, surface colors and patterns.</p> <p><a href="http://www.bare-metal.com/Por-A-Kast-Table.htm">View the Por-A-Kast Properties Table </a></p>