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Microscale Model Finishing Products

Microscale Model Finishing Products are specially formulated for model building and decorating. Microscale is constantly improving all its products with an eye toward better performance and safety. Bare-Metal is happy to announce that we carry the entire line of these outstanding products.

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If there ever was a modelers' secret, this is it. Micro Kristal Klear can do so many things, you will not believe that any product can make such a big difference in the appearance of your models.

First, Micro Kristal Klear is a liquid that can be used to form very real looking small windows up to 1/4" in size. It also is an adhesive for mounting clear plastic parts, windows, etc., on models. It can be used to make lenses both clear and colored with the addition of a little food coloring. What really makes a remarkable difference in your models is the simple fact that the clear parts can be joined to the painted parts with a completely clear adhesive. What this means is that you do not have to mask around the clear parts, something that is rarely completely successful any way. Plus the sills which are painted can be seen through the Micro Kristal Klear for the most realistic looking windows you will see on a model.

What the pros like best is that it is fast and easy and stays clear. It cleans up with water while wet and is waterproof when dry. You can tell when it's dry because it turns from milky white to clear. If you need a super strong and flexible adhesive for wood, plastic, paper or most combinations of dissimilar materials, this is a handy thing to have.

For the making of small windows, you just dip a toothpick in this thick liquid and apply a little all around the edges. Then, holding the toothpick as flat as you can to the opening, draw it across from one side of the opening to the other. You will pick up a bubble which will form a very thin window of scale thickness that is also strong and flexible. When installing larger clear parts, paint the model first. Just apply a little Micro Kristal Klear along the edges to be joined, put in place and let dry.



Micro Liquitape is a liquid adhesive that when applied to one side of a part and allowed to dry, can be pressed on to another clean part where it will stick firmly enough for a display model. You can take it apart again and again as long as they stay clean. Even then, another coat will renew it. Let's say you would like to do a complete interior on a model, but when the model is finished you could not see it. If the top or some other part is separate, you would use Micro Liquitape for the final assembly and retain the ability to remove it at any time, revealing the detailed interior.

There is another important use of this product, such as in "scratch building." This is particularly where you are shaping a part from a pattern which you want to remove after forming it.

When you arrive at this advanced level of modeling, you will know when you need this product. Micro Liquitape is also a water clean-up formula, providing you do it before it dries.


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