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Experts-Choice™ 1/72 Scale Decals

Experts-Choice™ Decals are made to exacting standards. Each sheet has been thoroughly researched and designed to fit your model perfectly. Our sheets are always 100% on registration. 

Experts-Choice™ Decals lay down like paint for a realistic look. We use an opaque ink that does not let underlying color to show through. Some of our sheets have up to 14 colors for some of the most beautiful sheets on the market. 

We are always in the process of adding new decals to our inventory. If you don't see something you are looking for please let us know.

No. 72-1 F-106A Michigan ANG, 191st FIG "SIX PACK" Selfridge ANG Base. $4.00

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No. 72-4 F-4E, 57th FIS, Keflavik, Iceland, Commanders A/C and William Tell 1982 $4.00

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No. 72-5 F-15, 48th FIS Langley AFB, 555 TFTS, Luke AFB $4.50

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No. 72-10 F-101B Minn., New York & Mich. ANG Units $5.50

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No. 72-11 F-16A/C South Dakota ANG "LOBOS", Iowa "BATS", Florida ANG 125TH FG  $8.50

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72-11 2

No. 72-12 KB-29P & SB29-A Super Fortress, 97TH ARS,1952, 420 ARS U.K. 1957 509TH ARS
Walker AFB, NM 1951 $8.50

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72-13 B-50A SUPERFORTRESS, 96TH BS U.K. 1950, 63RD BS "LUCKY LADY" 1949 $8.50

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72-14 F-4E Phantom II, 122 TFW FT Wanye Indiana, Don Spering paint job "Last of the ANG Phantom "Gunfighters." $8.50

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72-18 117th AL ANG. 35th Anniv. of 1st flight of the Phantom. Special paint scheme by Don Spering.$8.50

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No. 72-19 KC-135A&E 379th Bomb WG, Wurthsmith AFB, MI. 190 ARG, 410th Bomb Wg, K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI. 170 ARG, NJ ANG, McGuire AGB, NJ $8.50

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