EasyFlo 60 Polyurethane ResinCasting Polytek a major supplier of polyurethane casting kits. User friendly 1:1 by volume casting resin. Puma Polymers Por-A-Kast Polyurethane Resin Casting Por-A-Kast is an easy to use 1:1 by volume polyurethane casting kit. Mold Making and Resin Casting Starter Kit The perfect place for the beginner to get a start. If you've never made a mold or casting before this kit is a must. Mold Release Agents, Bronze Power, Microbulb and Solid Spheres 531 wax based, 2300 silicone based release agents. Light and dark bronze powder for cold cast bronze.Microbulb hallow glass filler and solid glass spheres for filling polyurethane casting resin.