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  1. #1 The tools needed to apply Bare-Metal Foil are likely already owned by any model builder. They are: tweezers to lift the Foil from the backing and help locate the Foil on the model, two X-acto style knives with #11 blades, flat and round toothpicks, a straight edge for longer cuts from the backing sheet, container of soapy water and a cotton cloth to clean the model and dry it off before applying the Foil (a cotton handkerchief works great).
  1. #2 The flat toothpicks will need to be modified for maximum efficiency. I use a Creations Unlimited Flex-I-File pad to do this, but regular sandpaper of a file will work. Sand or file the round tip of the flat toothpick to a chisel point. This will allow the toothpick to get the Bare-Metal Foil into all nooks and crannies you may encounter.
  1. #3 Using the second knife, cut a piece of Bare-Metal Foil large enough to more than cover what you will be covering. Don't waste it, but you do have to have extra Foil to trim to size. The straight edge really helps in making long cuts so there is less wasted Foil.
  1. #4 On a model car I always start with the windshield frame molding, but switched to the rear window to better show how to cover the frames with curved corners, which is where I always start. Cut small squares of Foil and using your finger, press it in place. Then roll your finger to get the Foil on the inside of the molding, pressing the excess against the inside of the roof.
  1. #5 Using the round toothpick, burnish the Foil in complete contact with the molding, smoothing out even the tiniest wrinkle. This is most important as any wrinkles at this stage will ruin the looks of the finished model.

Introduction - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5