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Four New 1:1 Mix EasyFloTM Plastics Expand Possibilities


Polytek®’s EasyFloTM products have been widely regarded as the best fast-casting polyurethane plastics in the business. All EasyFloTM products are 1:1 by volume, super- low-viscosity, rapidly demolded systems which have each been tailored for a particular niche.

EasyFloTM 60 is the general-purpose plastic with a 2-minute pot life and a 10- minute demold, depending on mass. It is the most widely used EasyFloTM product, and since it pours literally like water, bubble-free parts are easy to obtain. New, improved EasyFloTM 120 is similar, but designed for rotocasting and slush-casting, in which a thin, uniform coating of plastic is rotated either manually or with a machine to create hollow, lightweight parts. New EasyFloTM 120 is almost unbreakable. Hard to believe? We have thrown thin-walled, rotocast heads from our mezzanine without damage!

New EasyFloTM 95 has a longer working time (5 minutes), which can be useful for larger pours or complex parts where 2 minutes is a bit too quick.

New EasyFloTM Clear has a 2-minute working time and cures to a clear, light yellow/amber color; it is most often used when transparent color-cast parts are required or where fillers are to be added to achieve myriad effects. Although EasyFloTM 60 has been a favorite when making cold-cast bronze parts, EasyFloTM Clear can achieve similar results with approximately 50% less bronze powder, owing to its clarity. Since EasyFloTM 60 is demoldable sooner than EasyFloTM Clear, we would still recommend EasyFloTM 60 for thin-walled parts. When working with EasyFloTM Clear, we have
achieved best results and fewest surface bubble defects with heated polyurethane rubber molds, such as the Poly 74-Series.

Contact Bare-Metal for EasyFloTM Clear, EasyFloTM 120, EasyFloTM 95 at 800.628.7296.



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