Bare-Metal How to Use Poly Latex 60 Liquid Mold Rubber


Seal porous surfaces with shellac. Often no other release is needed. Avoid oils, petroleum jelly or oil clays. Avoid application directly on metals. A small test coat area should be used to check for good release.


Apply with a brush in a thin coating. Allow drying in a warm area until white color disappears. Apply another coat and allow drying. Between six to thirty coats may be needed.


Poly Latex 60 contains ammonia and is an alkaline dispersion which may cause burns of skin and eyes. Avoid skin and eye contact. Use with adequate ventilation. In case of contact, flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Remove from skin and clothing with soap and water.


Remove wet latex with soap and water. Dried latex can be softened with waterless hand cleaner.


Store between 50°F and 70°F. Exposure to temperatures below 40°F and above 80°F may damage latex, causing irreversible coagulation. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE. Storage life is at least three months from date of shipment. As latex ages beyond three months, it will not cure to as supple a rubber. Shrinkage on drying may increase and toughness of the mold will decrease.

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